After a short wait, Episode 4 of The Walking Dead, “Around Every Corner,” is now available on Steam (check out our episode-wide review here). This episode is looking to be a short masterpiece. It’s written by Gary Whitta, the screenwriter behind “The Book of Eli,” and upcoming film, “After Earth.” It picks up where the last episode left off as Lee Everett and the crew continue their train ride through the zombie apocalypse to Savannah, Georgia.

There are a few spoilers here, but I won’t say more than what was said on the “Next Time On Walking Dead” outro video in Episode 3. Clementine has been talking so some creepy voice on the other end of her walkie-talkie, and the creepy dude behind that creepy voice is apparently waiting for them in Savanna, where he decides to stalk them in a way that’s all around very creepy. Fun. And of course Clementine expects to find her parents there. So things are likely to get interesting.

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