This is our Tales From on FTL: Faster Than Light, continuing the story of Captain Ryan and the Kestral, after the mission is continued with the the exploits of Captain Kadreal. Follow the series here.

We arrive at another Zoltan-controlled sector, our hull at just below half strength, and in desperate need of more powerful weapons.

I decide to use our sensors more wisely and avoid sector that show ships waiting nearby. So our first jump leads us to a Rebel ship attacking an alien planet. We tap into their frequency and hear the Rebel captain yelling, “We are liberating this planet in the name of the Galactic government! These aliens will not be left in ignorance where they cannot be of any use!”

I’ve seen this before. The “cleansing” of the Rebel fleet. I decide to interfere and make first contact with the primitive aliens, which may have been a bad idea. The locals are a kind of furry, one-eyed tree lizard species. They start chanting when they see us approaching, then the sky becomes bright and a Zoltan Energy Fighter opens fire on our ship. We dash back to our ship and prepare for battle.

The enemy shields are preventing us from jumping, so we’ll need to remove its extra field before we can do much damage. I turn on the Small Bomb and the Dual Lasers. Jill and Adnan begin laying into the Zoltan crew, who then flee to the med-bay. Excited, they chase after them, forgetting the rules with such actions. The Zoltan are rendered nearly invincible as they heal wounds as soon as they are made.

For Jill and Adnan, meanwhile, the battle takes its toll. Adnan falls to the ground, dead. Jill runs from the med-bay, the Zoltan crew following soon after. Our teleporter is too damaged to bring her back, but no matter. Our hull is nearly destroyed. Our weapons are down. Our drone controls are too damaged to send out The Hull Repair Drone.

I reach over to hit the FTL Drive and risk the next beacon, but I know it’s all in vain. This is the end of our journey. We succumb to the same fate as Captain Ryan and his brave crew. I consider opening the intercom and thanking my crew for all they have done, but there is no more time. I look out the window of this once great ship and see the red glow of the Zoltan beam preparing for its final blow.


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