There’s a sad, sad tale behind Star Wars: The Old Republic. First off, they killed Star Wars Galaxies, the epic sandbox MMO set in the Star Wars universe, just ahead of the launch. Then as players started migrating away from the linear, story-based game, they released perk after perk trying to coax players to bring their friends on board.

First, they had an invite your friend F2P option that went to level 15. Players could invite 25 friends and get in-game stuff for doing so. Then they dropped the invite requirement and just released a trial game with a level 15 cap. Now the game is going full free-to-play up to level 50.

They’re also offering players a ton of Cartel Coins, which can be used in the in-game market, if “Previous players – come back by launch of the free-to-play option to claim your rewards!”

The free-to-play option will make its debut this Fall (soon).

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