In a Star Trek (TOS) style adventure, Glitch falls through a mirror into an alternate world. It’s a place filled with ninjas and plots and cowboys and bearded women.

Glitch has to escape to the other side, through the mirror, and back to the regular-type universe we, well, Glitch lives in.

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Joshua Philipp is the founder and editor of He's also an award-winning journalist at Epoch Times.

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  1. Candie

    DÄ›kuji za odpověď. Rád bych se dotázal jeÅ¡tÄ› na problematiku 2D. Odborná literatura uvádí odtékání dokapu od u slivovice pÅ™i 25% (resp. 35% – mezidokap) – Grbér,výroga lihovin, 1974. Díky. Petr


    This CD package is an unbelievable masterpiece. I’m so grateful to Mr. Guercio for backing this and hope he knows how many of us Dennis fans appreciate his efforts.The music on the CD is incredible, diverse, captivating…I bought several for family and friends. If you ever get the opportunity, listen to the CD while driving along Pacific Coast Highway!! It almost feels like it was meant for just that.

  3. Dearborn, MI all for you auto

    And that is the bigger crime since it meant he hadn’t provided the MVC with their government mandated fee for the privilege of owning a motor vehicle in NJ.. How dare he! Off with his head (that’s where you were going with this Ted, weren’t you?)!


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