For our From the Devs feature, we find indie games with potential and let the developers tell you about their projects. Today we have Ondrej Urban, CEO of Gumpanela Entertainment, on the upcoming FPS RTS, Refusion.

TechZwn: What’s your game and what’s it about?

Urban: REFUSION is a unique fusion of First Person Shooter and Real-Time Strategy game genres where you experience top FPS graphics and physics with RTS diversity!

REFUSION brings the best of both worlds together, integrating players with different roles and different levels of play in the same place at the same time for a great gameplaying experience. Together, these FPS and RTS players create a worldwide living strategy game.

TechZwn: What makes your game unique?

Urban: I think, unique is the way how we want to do it. I mean, we don’t want to do just kind of hybrid or combination stuck somewhere in between both genres, which would lead into something that is, as we say in Czech, neither fish nor fowl. We are about to make a fundamental fusion of both genres, particularly in terms of gameplay mechanics and rules.

This crazy idea, we got several years ago, demands enormous effort—mainly in the field of technology as we really wanted to glue both these game genres together as they stand. So in the end … or not the end, we have way long way in front of us, but today REFUSION runs on its own unique and extremely powerful SamOne Engine, rendering hundreds of unique objects and handling tens of thousands of simultaneous interactions in real time. It takes full advantage of multi-core CPU and multiple CPU systems using state-of-the-art, proprietary technology.

Another unique point I would like to mention is that even all in-game elements are very precise and detailed. The game is held in a living and giant environment (up to more than 1.600 km2!) with no borders. It means when you would go one direction long enough, you would reach the same point (after one day) … and it has huge impact on gameplay itself.

TechZwn: Where did the inspiration come from?

Urban: The inspiration came mainly from playing games like Total Annihilation, Starcraft, and Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat Mod and others. There was a dream at the beginning to “Just imagine the game when several RTS players (we call them Masters) are playing their own RTS game like TA, but some of their bots are living people / FPS players (we call them Fighters) playing their own FPS game like BF1942-DC. They play their own games but at the same time on the same place.” This shared game experience, solving the same situation but using different options—seeing the same fight but from different perspective got us to the knee.

Connection of these two game genres brought a clash between quite a large amount of never solved logical and game rules, but we finally solved them and we are sure it will be a brand new and never-before-seen global game experience.

TechZwn: Is there anything you saw in modern gaming that you’d like to change or build on with your game?

Urban: In fact, for several years we were digging into the SamOne Engine so deeply that we were almost not playing at all. But in general I can say, we are mostly concentrated on gameplay experience, so we like games that build on pure and addictive gameplay mechanics that simply chain player to monitor and can be played repeatedly for hours, days, and months.

We want to insert many of these elements into REFUSION, so that players playing and changing different roles at different level can experience a variable composition of, let’s say, small but funny micro games delicately implemented into one global game experience. When it is done and you are in the game, you will not be able recognize that you are in fact playing some sort of “Flash casual game mechanics.” The result will be that you will like it. You will like this particular activity more when it is part of the global conflict between Humans and Sokomans.

TechZwn: Is there anything else you’d like to say or talk about regarding your game (or gaming in general)?

Urban: At this phase of development we are finally at the point we can start showing something directly from the game. It took a very long time to push our SamOne Engine to this stage of functionality, development of the rest game elements (in-game objects, animations, logic, rules, mechanics, design, sound effects and music, story, etc.) took about 3 years.

From now on we are about to start building REFUSION into the SamOne Engine and give and show it to people as we proceed. Absolutely the most important thing for us now is support from the community. We need players to come to us, give us feedback, and help us to build it in the right way. We are at the start of the true creative process and we want to make it as best as possible for people to like it.

We are independent and we will hear people. The more people will be with us, the better REFUSION will be and the faster it will be done.

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