The film, Evil Brain From Outer Space, is where the whole “Starman” character came from. It’s a cross between an old cheesy sci-fi film, retro horror, and Power Ranges. It follows the efforts of Starman as he sets out to save the earth from the monster followers of the dastardly villain, Balazar, whose brain was preserved after he was assassinated.

The film is a pieced together Japanese short film series, dubbed for your viewing pleasure, that was originally called “Super Giant” in the U.S. It’s one of those old sci-fi films that is literally so cheesy that it’s entertaining. You can also get into the whole Japanese spaceman superhero concept, and the overdone villain with the funny costumes.

The video above is from You can also find it on YouTube, but I found this version had the best quality.

Every Friday we sift through the public domain vaults to find a hidden gem from the past. All films featured for Free Movie Friday are free and legal to watch (in the U.S. at least, so check if you’re elsewhere).

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