The latest film from Blender Foundation takes an interesting shift from its last films, namely it blends real actors and objects with a 3D animated world.

Tears of Steel takes place in a world where a roboticist created killer robots, and these robots have now overrun the world. Yet, a group of humans try to take out the robot menace in a very unique way—they give a captured robot memories, and to do this they build a machine that creates a field of illusions for a man and a robot to meet and teach the robots what love is.

Just as a brief background, the first short film they released was Big Buck Bunny, the second was Elephants Dream, the third was Sintel. With a side goal of showing what Blender is capable of, each of the films brought in the latest capabilities of open source 3D animation software Blender, but all were limited to full 3D worlds. Tears of Steel, however, shows what Blender can do when overlaying animation with reality, and it apparently does a fine job at that.

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