There are more and more good looking point-and-click adventure games coming out these days, and I’m loving every moment of it. Hoodwink Ep1: The Brute, The Babe and The Bogey is the latest on this list, and is coming to us from E-One Studio Sdn Bhd.

Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t some Little Red Riding Hood knock-off. Hoodwink takes place in the crumbling slums of the Global-01 metropolis where you’ll take the role of Michael Bezzle, a man who has found the girl of his dreams and fallen in love, and who is also fleeing for his life as he tries to expose all the corporate wongdoings of the world’s last corporate giant, UniCorp.

All around, it looks like a colorful game with a cartoony look, a dystopian sci-fi theme, and a crew of strange characters for you to meet. Hoodwink is available for Windows, and is currently available on Desura.

Gameplay Walkthru video part4 – Desura

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