In addition to all of the free-roaming, dragon slaying, world saving awesomeness that is in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, a new DLC is coming that grants players with the opportunity to take on role that is much more simple than the adventurer they were before. The new DLC entitled ‘Hearthfire’ allows players to design, build, and maintain a home of their very own.

In Hearthfire, players first purchase a plot of land in which their home will be built upon. Next they use the new drafting table and carpenter’s workbench that take raw materials to construct the home, room by room. Players decide as to whether their home will be a small shack, or an elaborate fortress equipped with various amenities such as kitchens, libraries, greenhouses, gardens, fish hatcheries, and alchemy labs. The interior workbench allows players to furnish each room with whatever furniture seems fit. When the stresses of home ownership becomes overwhelming, players can hire stewards to take a bit of the load off. The DLC will also bring on a new child adoption system and mini-quests that set players on a mission to defend their home and family from skeever infestations and attacks from giants.

The Hearthfire DLC will be available for download on the 4th of September for $5 (400 Microsoft Points) on the XBOX 360. It is unknown at this point as to whether or not the DLC will be making its way to PS3 and the PC.


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