The folks at Sqare Enix may just be onto something with COREONLINE (spelled like “Core Online”), a new browser-based gaming platform that lets you play high definition games.

Now, the cool thing about this is that it lets you play games for free, which you’ll technically pay for by watching video ads here and there. You can also skip the ads altogether by buying either a single level of the game, or buying the full game.

There are already some good titles on the list. Among them are Hitman: Blood Money, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Mini Ninjas, and a few others.

“Square Enix is at the forefront of experimentation of new business and services models in the game industry,” said Yoichi Wada, chief executive officer of Square Enix Holdings, in a post on the YouTube page. “Through our COREONLINE technology service, users can access our content easily through the browser.”

According to the post, “COREONLINE is easy to use, allowing players to click on a level and start playing instantly, and giving them the ability to start from any part of the game they wish.” It will also manage saves and achievements in the cloud.

So far, COREONLINE will work with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

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