Apparently there is much more to Grand Theft Auto V than one would expect. Aside from robbing banks and suicidal rampages, players can also take part in some of the simple pleasures in San Andreas. This week Rockstar has decided to grace us all with a handful of new screens that portray not only impressive graphics, but the various modes of transportation and entertainment

GTA meets top spin.


Base jumping in the mountain ranges may be practice for something a bit bigger.

Take to the skies in this awesome jet.

A bit of motocross may bring the fight from the streets to the back country.

The “Cheeta” may seem familiar to those who had played previous games of the GTA series.

When the “Cheeta” sports car proves a bit too fast paced, one can take a more subtle approach to transportation with a bicycle.

There has yet to be an official release date for Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar has always been very subtle in their ways, but hopefully the unveiling of this week’s screenshots will lead to many more updates.

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  1. TurboNightmare

    DUDE! Thanks for that post, That looks so amazing! Can’t wait haha. Games are become so real looking lol. Anyways bud, see yea soon.


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