From the Devs is a new daily feature where we find indie games with potential, and let the developers tell you about their projects. Today we have Ethan Podczerwinski, developer of Nightmare: Among Shadows.

TechZwn: What’s your game and what’s it about?

Nightmare: Among Shadows is a chapter-based mystery survival horror game in which you play as an ex-martial by the name of Augen Florian who is sent to the city of Bayecourt to investigate its sudden and strange isolation. Within the shadows lurks the answers and a horror beyond imagining. The game takes place in the outskirts of fictional Europe (France) during the medieval ages and takes on a steampunk style along with its gritty and chilling atmosphere. Focusing on story and immersion, the city is designed and crafted to immerse the player within its walls.

Essentially, Nightmare is all about the player themselves discovering their inner most fears while diving into a compelling story.

TechZwn: What makes your game unique?

What makes Nightmare unique, just like every other indie game is the fact that it is indeed a part of me, a matter of expression that of which I share my inner most fears and vulnerabilities with my audience. Through this I am able to connect to people playing Nightmare in a way like none other, I am able to share with the world a part of me that cannot be written nor told. Video games are the ultimate source of social media and through it I can really connect to the audience’s senses, find out what really makes people tick. This is also essentially why horror games dominate horror movies. Nightmare is unique because it’s me …. And I don’t know anyone quite like me.

TechZwn: Where did the inspiration come from?

Inspiration for Nightmare comes from numerous places, my dreams, fellow developers. In a sense I took a lot of inspiration from a fellow indie horror game made with UDK, titled Paranormal. I knew I could use UDK and I knew I had the passion. It was only a matter of mustering up the strength to say “I’m going to do this.” I follow the progress of other indie games closely to pick out what works and how I should market, as of now the market itself has influenced a lot of my major decisions. I also happened to watch a movie that recently came out called Indie Game the Movie and it was also a big inspiration. I may not be running a game off my own programmed engine, but in a sense that’s what makes indie development so amazing in the 21st century, the fact that anyone can do this with the right mindset.

TechZwn: Is there anything you saw in modern gaming that you’d like to change or build on with your game?

A lot of people hate the turn of modern gaming, though even as an indie developer I really don’t see it as a problem and that I need to change it. Nor do I think my game will make it any better. I’m using a AAA game engine that is also used in the production of titles such as Borderlands, Gears of War, and the new acclaimed game coming soon, Dishonored. With the engine I can deliver an in-depth experience and price it at the cost of a traditional indie game. I suppose there is always room for improvement or the ability to build upon what exists, but really what I want to do is make something fun and something I can point to and say “yeah, I did that.” I don’t need to make anything better.

TechZwn: Is there anything else you’d like to say or talk about regarding your game (or gaming in general)?

I want to make shoutout for the game network I am a part of, “necessarygaming.” The folks there are extremely helpful and contribute a lot to the process of making Nightmare—several of Nightmares talents come from there, and the amount of feedback and support I am given from NG is incredible.

As for gaming, I would like to just say if you want to make a game you should just go for it. Pick up an engine and go for it.

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    I made the menu animation for the game……….it amazes me what we have done with this game with only 4 people.


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