It’s not common to see games based around WWI, but although it’s still early in development, The Trench 1916 already looks really impressive. The whole game takes place on one map with just two trenches: one with the French and one with the Germans. Between the two is No Man’s Land, and there’s a surrounding area with forests and villages.

The developers describe the Trench as “50% FPS / 50% RPG.” You’ll have an inventory system, be able to take on side quests from NPCs, and customize your weapons. You’ll be able to explore your trench, which is broken into various sections, including shelters, first aid posts, command posts, and others.

The Trench 1916 takes place three days before the German assault on February 21, 1916, and you’ll spend these days preparing for the coming battle. According to the website, “This time allows you to prepare for the future assaults of the Germans. You can request field artillery placements on a precise zone, air support, Trench raiding and the positioning of foot soldiers in strategic places.” The different options also give the game good replay value.

Gameplay goes beyond just shooting also. It has a full stealth infiltration system, a cover system, and melee combat. The terrain will also change throughout the game as shells blow holes in the battlefield, and the environment itself will also change throughout the game.

The Trench 1916 is still in its pre-alpha state, but we’ll keep you updated on this one.

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