Reversion is a classic-style point and click adventure game that puts players in the middle of an ongoing conflict throughout a dying civilization. To continue their journey into the next chapter, 3F games has started an Indiegogo campaign to jump start development on Reversion: Chapter 2.

Reversion takes place in the year 2035, 20 years after catastrophic events have left the city divided. With little recollection of the events that precede him, the protagonist awakens to a world unfamiliar to what he has known before. He soon realizes that he alone has the power to undo the events that has brought a civilization to their knees.

With the money earned from the campaign, the developers plan to release up to six chapters in all. There are also plenty of incentives contributing to the cause, including a chance to appear in the credits and even the chance to be recreated as a character in the game. A contribution as little as $4 will grant contributors their very own copy of the game for the PC. For you mobile gamers, there is also talk about releasing the game on IOS and Android platforms.

The developers have also stated that, “Chapter 2 will be a lot more captivating than the first one.” A few of the ways they plan to improve on the first chapter are as follows:

  • A lot of important details of the core argument will be revealed.
  • There will be more diversity in the scenery, with beautiful exteriors and more recognizable places from the city of Buenos Aires.
  • It will be considerably longer than the first chapter.

You can contribute to the cause by heading over to the Reversion Indiegogo Campaign and choosing your level of contribution. The first Chapter of Reversion is completely free of charge and available now. If you are unsure about whether or not you would like to support this cause, download the first chapter for yourself  here.

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