I tend to be overly nostalgic, particularly with RPGs. It could be that some of my favorite gaming moments come from them—getting the airship in Chrono Trigger, riding Nessie in EarthBound, growing into a full-fledged dragon in Breath of Fire IV… ah, memories.

It’s probably because of this that The Last Lisassan makes me all happy inside. According to the game’s IndieDB page, “This is an indie game bringing back all the elements of the old school rpg. It is turn based and very stat heavy.”

Particularly, it pulls from the 8-bit era of RPGs, and tells the story of a royal family granted that was granted the power to protect its own people—mainly from a great evil tyrant known as Nor. “You start by not knowing how to defeat him but by the guidance of a mysterious force you must learn the ways of your ancestors and gather the power to defeat Nor at last,” states the game’s page.

There should be a beta out soon, so we’ll keep you updated.

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