Well, that was fast. Remember a couple days ago when we mentioned players could invite friends to Star Wars: The Old Republic, who could then play up to level 15? That requirement has now been dropped. Now, anyone can head over to the sign-up page and get free access to the game. There’s no time limit, but the level 15 cap is still there.

This isn’t looking good for SWTOR. They’re not calling it F2P, but this is really what’s going on. The story-based MMORPG seems to have not offered players enough after the main story was complete, and with players moving on to new MMO worlds, it seems that the developers are doing all they can to get players coming back. They offered players an exclusive speeder if they got their friends to buy a subscription, offered an exclusive pet for returning players, and now the F2P trial is open to all.

But, hey, it’s free to play now, and maybe this is what the game really needs.

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    • Joshua Philipp

      Yeah, I think you just captured the general feeling of most players. And they killed Star Wars Galaxies to get more players on it 🙁

      • Amy Gardiner

        Agreed. I’m still not going back! lol
        I miss Star Wars Galaxies =(

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