If you have a copy of Total War: Medieval II- Kingdoms, and are familiar with the terms”Waaaagh!” and “For the Emperor!”, you may want to check out the latest release of Call of Warhammer.

The amount of true to canon features in this mod is staggering. With so many races and kingdoms, each with pain-staking attention to detail, it’s amazing the team of Russian modders was able to do it all. There’s several Empire armies, Dwarves, Elves, all Four Chaos armies, Chaos Dwarves and (my personal favorite) Orks, just to name a few. Even oddball units you may never use on the table top made it into the mod, such as Savage Orks, Goblin Doom-Divers and Kislev Ungols.

On the campaign map, you’ll find new trade resources such as warp stones near the city of Mordheim, and mammoths in the North. Some will start with cities and castles very true to the lore, like the Vampires. Others, such as the Dark Elves, start with a small “expedition” force and one city. There’s a great deal of lore injected into the story and random events as well. Voices of the units sound exactly as you would expect from the Warhammer universe.

Being the game is made in Russian, an English patch is required for both text and voices. It’s not perfect, with some missing text and other minor issues. It’s still the best work I have ever seen in a major overhaul of any kind.

Certainly TW: Kingdoms is showing its age and by proxy. this mod. At a whopping 5 gigs, it’s a hefty download. That said, it’s an awesome monument to Warhammer, from some very talented and dedicated fans.

Below are links to the original mod location. You can always check Google for a faster route.

You can find the mod here.

If playing on Steam, you might need this tool.

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