The latest trailer from Of Orcs And Men tells the story behind the burly green Orc you play as. The human kingdoms have apparently been united under a cruel king, who has the local Goblins killed on sight, and decides to bring this campaign to your doorstep… well, tent entrance.

You’ll play as two characters. One is Arkaïl, an orc warrior from a legendary legion known as the Bloodjaws. The other is Styx, a Goblin assassin. You’re both on a suicide mission to kill the human king. You also don’t get along, as we can see hints of in the video, where Arkaïl can be seen tossing a Goblin and even battling with a small group of them.

The teams behind the game, Spiders and Cyanide, also unveiled its official website. Of Orcs and Men releases in September 2012 for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.

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