We get to meet the motion capture actors—including the “real-life” Lara. They state that although many-a-good-actress has portrayed Lara over the years, for the upcoming game, they did an international search for the perfect Lara before finding a young English actress by the name of Camilla Luddington, who does both the voice and movements for Lara.

In the video, we get to meet Luddington, who tells us about the new Lara and we get to see some of the acting in action—as well as some of the fun props, like motion-capture guns, and even her motion-capture bow.

This is the first installment of The Final Hours of TOMB RAIDER, which has actor and gamer Zachary Levi going behind the scenes to meet the people behind Tomb Raider.

“The Final Hours series documents the creative process behind today’s most anticipated games, with a particular focus on the final stretch of development,” said Geoff Keighley, video game journalist and producer of the video series, in a press release. “In the case of TOMB RAIDER I’m especially excited because, at its heart, this is a tale about the act of reinvention, both of a studio and of a franchise.”

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