Max Payne’s Cheater Pool has gone live, according to a recent post on Rockstar Newswire. An unprecedented move for a video game company; in most cases they either ignore cheaters completely, or ban their accounts.

Offenses included: Save hacking in the first degree, petty game modding and failure to resist exploit use. Jurisdictions include: PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Processing is completed by describing the violation, the players ID and a screenshot (when possible).

I would suspect this staves off a few of the unskilled “players”, and perhaps even inspires them to run their own competitions, tournies and other nose thumbing events for everyone to roll-eyes at. Eventually, that will get old and I suspect they will do what it takes to play with the civilized players pool, be it by appeals or buying new copies– thus paying their digital debt to cyber society.

What about false accusations? Can you be slapped with a warning or banned for Max Payne perjury? You might need to hire a lawyer.

Is this the future for competitive FPS? Sure, assuming that cheaters are content to sit at the kids table, instead of trolling legit players.

So you criminals now have a penitentiary to do your time. Regardless of your sorry excuses for cheating, we all now enjoy pointing and laughing at you, as your wallow in self contempt among your own kind.

I speak for us all, when I say “Neener Neener Neener”.

Full story here.


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Matt has worked in the video game industry for nearly a decade, on everything from Console sports games, to Galaxy spanning MMO's. He has held positions as a tester, a content test lead and design. He plays with digital art in Photoshop and Blender when he's bored, and he may just cook himself up a mod for "fun." Matt Also enjoys saving people from a bad game, almost as much as leading them to a hidden gem. He has severe gaming A.D.D., leading him to play just about everything once "to see how it works."

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