A fan-made Dishonored movie teaser hit Youtube. I think all of Nerdom can agree that the Disoptopian-Steam-Punk setting would be perfect for the big screen. So while we all wait for Hollywood to stop rebooting old ideas, let’s watch this fake teaser and just pretend it’s real.

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Matt has worked in the video game industry for nearly a decade, on everything from Console sports games, to Galaxy spanning MMO's. He has held positions as a tester, a content test lead and design. He plays with digital art in Photoshop and Blender when he's bored, and he may just cook himself up a mod for "fun." Matt Also enjoys saving people from a bad game, almost as much as leading them to a hidden gem. He has severe gaming A.D.D., leading him to play just about everything once "to see how it works."

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