After only a few short days since the launch of their Kickstarter campaign, Sauropod Studio has nearly tripled their pledged goal of $80,000 to go towards the development of their exciting project entitled, “Castle Story”. The team claims that, “We were preparing for a long, grueling campaign in which we’d have to fight for every dollar…” Reaching their Kickstarter goal in under five hours, their anxieties were put to rest with an absolute success to their funding.

In Castle Story, players rule over a small colony of unique characters called “Bricktrons”. These little fellows can mine, build, and will even take up arms to fight the mysterious stone Golems that roam the islands in which both groups inhabit. Now these aren’t the sort of islands one would expect to be surrounded by a large body of water in a tropical climate. The islands in the game actually float alongside the clouds in an aerial cluster of land formations. Each island houses trees, stone, and a variety of other elements that Bricktrons can use to construct large fortresses and structures that will not only house their allies, but also serve as a defense against their enemies.

Castle Story is a voxel-based creative strategy game about building castles brick by brick and defending them against enemies.

With a simple building interface and a variety of mechanics and materials, players have endless possibilities to construct whatever it is that they choose. Creating a building in the game works somewhat similar to how one would build in Minecraft. Gathering resources by mining and harvesting allows players to stockpile the items needed for a complete structure. Once the supplies are ample enough to begin, players map out where each slab of stone or plank of wood will be placed. This all happens in a sort of 3-demensional blueprint that the Bricktrons will follow once they begin their task. After plotting where to dig and what to build, all players have to do is sit back and watch as the Bricktrons do all the work.

A completed fortress has the potential of falling just as easily as it went up. The game features an impressive physics engine that accurately simulates how objects behave in a real-world environment. This calls for some pretty epic battles when the Golems attack a fortified structure. Catapults and boulders will prove to be a builders worst nightmare as the castle begins to explode in an awesome display of battle destruction.

With 25 days remaining in the campaign, it is safe to say that the popularity and funding for the game will continue to grow. The team has already announced that their plans for the game have already grown to accommodate the extra cash earned from the campaign. Hiring a new artist and sound engineer are amongst their next moves towards their development. Players can also look forward to a multiplayer mode that is in the works!

You can support the game for yourself at the Castle Story Kickstarter Page, where there are plenty of incentives to the various pledge amounts. Players can reserve their copy of the game for as low as $15 and will have a multitude of rewards for the other pledge tiers that include t-shirts and even an adorable plush toy. Also be sure to check the Sauropod Studio Blog for weekly updates on their progress.

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