For anyone disappointed about the seemingly lost concept of a new Fallout MMO, don’t give up your hopes yet. The fan-made Stalker Online MMO already has a playable alpha release, and looks awesome.

The developers call it a “RPG-Action MMO with elements of Survival.” You can also play in both third or first person mode. It takes place between 2015 and 2020, where, through some sort of accident with unknown origins that made some odd “anomalous zones.”

According to the game’s development page on IndieDB , these zones have modified laws of nature and everything that was there seems to have mutated and turned hostile to humans. These areas are filled with “abnormal activity,” and contain strange objects with uncertain uses, known as artifacts.

“The place of appearance of abnormal areas of the country linked with pre-existing natural / magnetic anomalies and with high technology to human activities. In areas of anomalous zones are often, different laboratories, research institutes, etc., which studied the problems of biology, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, often by military facilities. The player is in general a stalker,” states the description.

The game is still in early development, but the gameplay videos and screenshots already look great. There is also some concept art of creatures to come—particularly a giant worm monster that players will have to join together to take down.

You can download the English Alpha here, but keep in mind it’s not fully translated yet.

Stalker Online – Indie DB

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