A new video from MechWarrior online, aimed at showing us a new map and weather effects, reveals even more (if you look close enough).

Environments will have various effects on weapon heating. For example, a snowy landscape cools weapons leading to “Lengthy, more intense battles.” Also heavy and assault Mechs have a harder time stopping on ice, when moving at full speed. This means you’ll need to tread carefully in that eighty-ton, while light mechs won’t have to worry about it much. We now see that environmental models can change. Snow flurries might roll in, and blanket your vision. So how will you shoot mechs you can’t see? Thermal vision. That’s right, like a giant-predator-robot, you can see your enemies through the blank-outs.

Does this mean we may see desert landscapes, with overheating weapons and sand storms? We can only speculate.

Another bonus in the video is the chance to gaze at some of some different mech interiors: Dragon and Commando. Also, there’s the Jenner which could be seen in the “Light Mech Developer Breakdown” released a while back.

But the big reveal is in the video at around 1:26. That’s not just a blob of gas. Look to the bottom right and you’ll see it’s a  flamer. Up to this point flame weapons had been unconfirmed. It remains to be seen just how they’ll effect heat, or the damage output, but at least we know it’s there. Time to update your wiki’s.

So it’s not all ice and snow Mech-Jockys, you’ll also be able to douse your opponents in super heated plasma. “Toasty!”

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