It’s nice to see games breaking out of the box. I think we’ve had our fair share of games set in norse mythology, as well as the modern stealth game. But the Arab world, and its myths have been largely ignored by the gaming community (with the exception of a handful, like Prince of Persia).

And with that said, Qasir Al-Wasat is working with some interesting concepts. You play as an invisible creature of some sorts in 12th century Syria. You need to sneak around a palace and assassinate three targets before dawn, and you need to do so carefully. Even though you’re invisible, your footsteps make sound and one slash with a sword will kill you. If you have blood or another substance on you, they can also see you.

Going by the trailer, it doesn’t look like you play as a human. It looks like you’re some type of jinn—maybe a ghul? What we know is that the character was summoned for a mission of assassination and infiltration, but along the way, you find something that perks your own interest.

Qasir Al-Wasat will be released late March for Windows and Mac, and it’s already up for pre-order.

Qasir Al-Wasat: Announcement Trailer from Aduge on Vimeo.

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