nuclear union post apocalyptic rpg

Nuclear Union is an alternate history post-apocalyptic RPG. The Cuban Missile Crisis didn’t go smoothly, and nuclear war erupted across the entire planet. More than half the world’s population were killed, but the Soviets were apparently prepared for this, a full evacuation took place, and people fled to specialty bunkers.

You’ll start 50 years after all this, in 2012, when people are emerging from the bunkers of the underground world. Get ready to battle the mutated remnants of the old world—apparently radiation and the local animal life didn’t merge well.

Sounds a bit like the first Fallout game, only set in Russia, and with a touch of Metro: Last Light and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. To make things more interesting, Nuclear Union is being developed by Best Way, creators of the Men of War series, and will use the same RTS engine used on Men of War.

It will feature a third-person view camera, and you won’t be controlling your party members directly. Rather, you’ll be able to give commands during combat and have some command over their behavior. Sounds interesting.

Nuclear Union is set for release in 2013, and going by the screens and trailer, development seems to be well underway.

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