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Scrolls just got a brand new website, and a trailer showing off some of the gameplay—and it looks like it’s staying true to the classic style of Collectible Card Games. Players select their cards, and when they lay them out, the characters appear on the game board in full animation. It features both single player and multiplayer gameplay, and there will be several types of matches—friendly matches, tournaments, and ranked matches.

You’re goal is simple: destroy three of the five idols standing behind enemy line. Different units attack on different turns, and there will be both attacking and defending positions. There will also be a large variety of cards—including creatures, spells, enchantments, structures, and siege weapons. You’ll need to plan your deck carefully.

Given the game’s name, there will also be scrolls. These are special attacks and spells. According to the website, “Have your opponent pushed his creatures tight together to form a spear head attack? Thunder Surge will help you out! Is he protecting a valued create behind a wall? Destroyer is your friend! Do you need to have that thick and slow Iron Golem attack right away? Speed will make him plow through the enemy forces in no time.”

In the Mojang fashion, Scrolls will be released in its early state, and with a reduced price to compensate for the continued need of development. It will be released as a closed alpha at the beginning of the month, and soon after will be released as an open beta.

According to the website, however, “Purchasing the game will give you all of the above for a one time payment, however you will not start out with all the scrolls available at your disposal. As a young apprentice, you have managed to gather just enough scrolls to venture out into battle, the rest will need to be earned. As you explore the world and win your battles, you will earn gold. Gold which in turn can be used to obtain new scrolls or gear.”

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