Quest for Humor is an upcoming indie RPG of its own sorts. You play as Timothy, a boy growing up in a village where even the most basic prank can get you executed. People in Huckleberry Village don’t play that.

Seeing the village devoid of humor, you set off in search of the legendary “LOL stones,” which your uncle wants to put in his “Laughter machine,” which will sprinkle their smiley dust all over the village and lighten up the townsfolk.

Sounds fun enough. The first screenshots also look interesting—similar to some of the older RPGs on the SNES. The game will also be rather large. According to the website, “Quest for Humour features a lengthy main quest as well as over 70 side quests & 15 deferent cities to explore and plenty of dungeons to loot.”

Check out some of the early screens below, and we’ll keep you updated on any, well, updates.

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  1. Joshua Philipp

    It looks like a cool game. I kind of wish we’d see more serious RPGs from indie developers, but I can’t complain – Cthulhu Saves the World was awesome, and Unemployment Quest sounds like it’ll be fun.

  2. Matt Gardiner

    We’ll see. Sounds like a crazy idea to start. So crazy… it might just work!


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