[quote]”In one of the world’s most overcrowded cities, the worst happened…

Twenty years later, a man with no memory holds the key to change it all.

It’s your chance to revert history”[/quote]

Reversion – The Escape Chapter 1 is up and free to download at3f Interactivo.


Your character wakes after a 20-year coma in post-apocalyptic Buenos Aires. Not only have you lost your memory, but are also guarded by paramilitary thugs that aren’t too keen on letting you loose. The Colonel is on his way to interrogate you, and judging from the other badly tortured patient in the room, its time to blow this popsicle stand fast.

Your rather awkward avatar skulks around the crumbling hospital and makeshift prison in search of escape. With nothing but your gumption and a torn portion of a photo as your only clues, you work towards uncovering the truth.

While plotting, stealing narcotics, and duct taping guards, you meet a fellow prisoner with a bad attitude and a sprained ankle. With a little help from this saucy redhead you both manage to click your way to freedom.

Reversion is a story-driven point-and-click puzzler. Most brainteasers are pretty straight forward, although the game can be a bit confusing. I found myself stuck more than a few times as some of the puzzles are a bit illogical. Having to continuously go room to room trying each item in your stash isn’t much fun.

Graphics and Sound:

The 2D graphics aren’t anything to write home about. But for a free-to-play game, they did a decent job.

The voice acting, although in Spanish, is pretty well done. The language barrier doesn’t stop you from enjoying the charm of Reversion’s voice actors. I have to admit the subtitles really bothered me at first. They grew on me, and the deep recesses of my brain woke up as I started understanding what the characters were saying after awhile (knew those high school Spanish classes would pay off eventually). The translation can also be a bit odd at times, but you get the general idea.

The music isn’t bad, but is repetitive. It can be turned down so you don’t drive yourself crazy.

Bottom line:

Only available for PC but plans to have it on iPhone and Android are in the works.

3F Interactivo, based in Argentina, plans to keep episodes free through crowdfunding. A brave endeavor and refreshing to see so many companies like this willing to actually listen to its players.

Currently, though, game is a bit hard to play. I’m curious if they will improve this diamond in the rough. Time will tell.

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Amy Gardiner lends her talents to content editing. She has also agreed to play all those silly Facebook games for us, and we are equally amazed and awed by her resilience to do so. She suffers from a slight point-and-click video game addiction and is always looking for a new fix.

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  1. Francisco Sáenz

    Hello! I’m Francisco, one of the Reversion developers.
    We have started an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the second chapter. We will really appreciate your support!!


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