The winners have been announced, so head over and read the winning spells.

We have 10 keys for Warlock: Master of the Arcane, a 4X Strategy game from Paradox Interactive that has you blasting your enemies with fireballs and taking on the game’s Human, Monster, and Undead races.

Given that this is a strategy game with tons of spells, we want to know what kind of spells you’d conjure up if you were a master warlock of war.

Would you conjure a giant top hat that shoots out killer bunnies? Would you have an undead army dance-fight your foes Michael Jackson-style? Let us know!


The Competition:

Step One: Fill out the form below, telling us about what spells you’d conjure as a master of the magical arts.

Step Two: Check the box, signing up for our newsletter.

Step Three: Await victory!

The Rules: Only one entry per person. If you’ve won any of our previous competitions, you can’t join this one.

We’ll sort through all your spells and pick the most creative, zany, or potentially most effect ones of the bunch. The contest ends in 3 weeks, and we’ll announce the winners here on June 26. These are Steam keys, so they should be good no matter where you are in the world.



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  1. Matt Gardiner

    I enjoyed that one, can’t wait to see what new races and DLC’s they come up with.


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