The “broad market appeal” approach isn’t always so appealing to hardcore gamers—tossing out some of a game’s complexity and lowering the difficulty bar—but every now and then it shows its charm. Let’s face it: games used to be really hard, and sometimes it’s nice to just play to relax.

A free remake of the 1993 p&c adventure game Black Sect does just that, and was released free to download on the Adventure Game Studio forums, courtesy of HandsFree. The remake removes some of the tougher points of the game—mainly eliminating dead ends, giving more time slots, and updating the hint system.

There are also a few extra puzzles to boot. The game still has the ole first person perspective, day and night cycle, and most of the same art and animations.

For those interested in giving the remake a shot, you can find it here. For anyone whose interest has been perked about Black Sect, the original is free to download over at Abandonia (legally).

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