Monster Hunter fans are as ravenous and hungry as the beasts they hunt. I should know, I’m one of them. Ever since Sony revealed the various HD collections, but passed on a Monster Hunter US release, we have gnashed our terrible teeth and rolled our terrible eyes for news.

Some cryptic clues emerged to put you back on the trail of our elusive quarry. A Capcom blog news flash, for “Monster Hunter Freedom Fridays” was announced. It’s a bit like a support group for Western players, who run imported Japanese copies of the game. At the bottom of the arcticle, was a glimmer of hope for a proper Western release.


Meanwhile, I know all this talk of imported Monster Hunter games probably has you wondering what’s going on with Monster Hunter in the West? Well, as Sven and Seth have said before, there’s good stuff on the way and “bright future” for the series, and we’ll tell you everything we can when we can.


It’s more of the same, but the good news is they’re still talking about it. And what exactly is this “bright future”? It’s hard to imagine that Capcom would be doing some spin off on the series when there’s ample demand for the existing Japanese import. Simply the fact that (fan-managed) “Freedom Fridays” is getting blogged about on Capcom’s site, and showing up on RSS feeds, is a good sign. It could mean yet another hand-held release. I think many monster hunters would prefer to see the action in glorious HD, while reclined on the couch.

When it comes to Monster Hunter, it’s “any news is good news”.

So don’t hang-up your over-sized sword, and extendable lance just yet– the trail is fresh for the prey once again.

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3 Responses

  1. Vree

    This “bright future” is probably more handheld Monster Hunter games I don’t care about. All I want is a Monster Hunter game on the 360, or PS3.

  2. TJ

    Then you good sir are not a true fan. Monster Hunter Shines brightest on the handheld. Tri looked amazing but was lacking in so many areas. Tho i would love to see a MH ps3, a MH Vita would be the best move for the series.

    • Vree

      I’m not going to go out of my way to buy a system I hate just to play Monster Hunter. I guess that means I am not a true fan. You sir are an idiot.


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