For those growing weary of the squabbles among European rulers in the feudal strategy world of Crusader Kings II, the latest DLC, Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam, will add some new twists by enabling play of the Muslim nations.

Remember trying to leverage your wife to further your political goals, well, now you can have a bunch of wives, and with that, even more children vying for the throne. There are also new laws, traits, titles, and more than 100 new events.

It really changes the game quite a bit, since you’ll be dealing with an entirely different political and religious system. Influence of these things is all still there, but you’ll be more free to do as you please.

The game has one of the most epic soundtracks you’ll ever hear in a game, and the new expansion adds awesome, Lawrence of Arabia-style music perfect for marching an army of scimitar-weilding dudes across the desert towards the northern kings.

Crusader Kings II is available for PC and Mac, and you can pick up the new DLC for $9.99.

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