As an interesting new addition to the world of gaming, VOID, recently announced by GamersGate, lets you play games for free—if you watch some of their commercials, that is.

According to GamersGate, “The VOID system is based on slots. Slots decide how many games you can play; for example, you need an open slot to choose and play a VOID game. The number and types of slots you have decide how many games you have available at a given time.”

The process is simple enough: download VOID, watch a commercial, then play whichever game you’ve added to your slots.

They already have a hefty collection of games in the mix—five pages of games, to be exact. It looks like most of the games are somewhat older titles. Among them are Men of War, Risen, and Starpoint Gemini. As well as some much older titles, like Jagged Alliance 2 and Oddworld.

But, regardless, this is a pretty cool service. It reminds me of Chain of Command—an older WWII strategy game that had a point-based free-to-play system you filled up by clicking on ads ever now and then (and one of my favorite games ever). Of course, Chain of Command’s model didn’t last, so we’ll have to wait and see if VOID can make it though.

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