Runic games is back with part two of its award-winning RPG.

Torchlight 2 gives you a taste of the original game but a pleasantly new quirky experience. This hack-and-slash dungeon-crawler, so far, does everything right. Runic listened to the players and have made improvements accordingly. Gameplay is the same smooth and straight forward experience that I’ve always appreciated from Runic.

Say hello to my little friend!

Torchlight 2 is much bigger than its predecessor. There are more towns and expansive territories to wander. Once you’ve beat the main storyline you can keep your character, including all your loot, and start over on a more challenging setting.

The game can be modded. The editor will be available shortly after the game release. Your friends can just download the same mod and play together.

Of course, the biggest news is multiplayer. You can now hack your way through dungeons with a friend. Groups of 2 to 4 are recommended. The game is really meant to be played with companions. I was lucky enough to get to play some multiplayer, so far its fun as hell.

Pets and fishing both make their return. Your pet selection and customization had greatly improved.

Four customizable classes are now available.

Embermage - Powerful ranged casters of elemental spells.

Outlander- Fast, long ranged fighters wielding guns and magic.

Berserker- Hand to hand brawler with vicious power and speed.

Engineer- The powerhouse with magically imbued weapons and armors.






Artwork is whimsical with a creepy cartoonish feel. While the graphics aren’t going to take your breath way, its gift is that the system requirements are low. Most anyone can play. But don’t let that take a way from the charm of this totally unique world.

The music is by Matt Uelmen and Max Schaefer, previously of Diablo. All cords are recorded via live symphony and the music is amazing.

While the storyline brings a more serious, sinister tone, I couldn’t help but grin while I charged through this wild adventure. The combination of the lighthearted artwork, ease of play and the awesome musical score are a sure sign of great things to come.

Torchlight 2 is shaping up to be one great game.

No release date yet, although rumor is it would be available one month the after Diablo 3 (which was just released). Hope, hope!

The PC version will be available very soon, with Mac and Xbox in the works. It has an asking price of $20. You can pre-order it from Steam.

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