With over one million episodes sold in the first two weeks, Telltale Games is set to unleash a new episode next month. The second episode, entitled ‘Starved For Help’, will continue the journey where it left off with Lee Everett and the rest of the crew as they fight to survive the relentless hunger of the undead.

Being that the game has already introduced some familiar faces from both the television series and graphic comic, can you guess who is next to make their debut into the game?

The Walking Dead game series is to be released in five episodes, the first of which is available now. Players on the can access the episodes on the XBLA for 400 Microsoft®Points each, and $4.99 per episode via the PlayStation®Network. The game comes as a package deal, including all episodes, for $24.99 on the PC and MAC.

For more about The Walking Dead game, be sure to check out our review of episode one here. To give a bit of a recap, Telltale games has also revealed a new trailer that highlights the first episode.

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  1. zombie

    walking dead game rocks, just too long of a wait for episode 2 uughhghh episode 3 will probably take extremely long


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