That’s right people, soon you can go straight home from work and jump straight into your new game without having to wait for it to download! Well you will still have to wait for it to download, but now you can activate it from a remote location.

Now for this to work, the computer in which you have your Steam account will have to be powered on. Whether you are at work, on a trip, or even in your front lawn, all that is required on your part in an access point to a web browser. Simply log into your account at the Steam website, go into your games library, and then click “install” for whatever the game may be. The download will then begin on your home computer. It is unknown if this option will be added to the Steam Mobile App, but it sure would make sense if it was.

The remote download option is still in beta testing but users can opt to try it for themselves if they are an active beta participant. To become one for yourself, click on the “beta participation” section under the “account” tab. Let us know how this new option works out for you!

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Corey Philipp has a love for indie games and enjoys sharing this through reviews of great, yet often little-known titles. He has a talent for watching the latest gaming trailers, reading between the lines, and telling you all there is to know about a game before the information is public.

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