A new dev diary for Starvoid shines light on the upcoming space western RTS from Paradox Interactive and Zeal Game Studios, scheduled for release in Q3 this year. Ylva Sundstrom, Producer at developer Zeal Game Studios, gives a brief introduction to the game and what we can expect.

The game has matches of up to 12 players, who divide up into 6v6 battles. You’ll fight for control points on the game map. Apparently there will be a good amount of customization in each player’s army, so these battles should stay interesting.

From the start, each player will choose their own mercenary commander, and then choose which types of troops they’ll use—these apparently include a broad choice of human troops, vehicles, and droids.

The story here is there’s a rare resource known as Starvoid that lets people warp travel through space. People are using it up too fast, and so the companies that sell it are battling to control it—so they bring on the different commanders to blow up the Starvoid spaces of rival companies.

Paradox Interactive also released a 26-minute live play session of the Starvoid pre-alpha build, so check that out below.

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