The simple knowledge that Resonance will soon hit stories makes me feel all happy inside. This is a point & click adventure game, and one of the first I’ve played in a long while that carries the same feel as the Lucasarts classics while still being very original. The indie game from Wadjet Eye Games will be released on GOG on June 19, and they’re currently taking pre-orders.

You’ll follow four characters as they race to find the secret vault of a particle scientist who died unexpectedly. Apparently he was onto something, and there are some bad guys who want to get their hands on whatever odd technology he was building.

The game has some really unique points to it. Among these are its short-term and long-term memories. You basically collect memories like items, and you can use just about any of these in conversation. Each of the four characters also has their unique skills, so you’ll need to use these well to overcome the game’s puzzles.

As a nice change to the digital download era we now live, physical copies of Resonance are also available. It’s DRM-free also, which is a breath of fresh air after the whole Diablo III debacle. The developers are also giving a 10 percent discount for pre-orders, along with a few other goodies. Among these are a desktop wallpaper, the game’s MP3 sountrack, a digital poster, a behind-the-scenes video, and video developer diaries.

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