With the highly anticipated release of Metro: Last Light steadily approaching, a new live action short film has been unleashed. The film takes viewers back to the very beginning, before the catastrophic incidents that overtook mankind, and reveals life as it was outside of the metro tunnels.

The video begins with a man as he hears devastating news through a CB radio. He drops his earpiece and frantically rushes past a lonesome mother, who is sitting in the stairwell and gently singing to her child. As the man bursts into the open streets, the society is portrayed as very impoverished and on the brink of a downfall. A crazed man is amongst the many walking the streets as he preaches of an unfortunate future.

Several missiles erupt into the skies and send the commuters into a pandemonium, racing one another to the doors of a nearby metro station. Russian guards open the doors and only allow a limited amount of civilians through into the abyss of the metro tunnels. A somewhat sympathetic soldier catches glimpse  of the mother that was singing her her child just moments before. He reaches out to the woman as she pleads for life and he takes the child from her arms. The doors suddenly close with the child separated from his already doomed mother. The missiles reach their mark one by one before a final explosion silences the chaos on the outside.

Flash 20 years into the future, a heavily armored man wearing a gas mask emerges from the tunnels and takes sight on the same streets mentioned before. As he gazes into the uninhabitable world, he reminisces of a familiar tune that  his mother sang to him in his adolescence.

Could this brave soldier be Artyom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Metro: Last Light is targeted for a Q1 2013 release on the XBOX360, PS3, and PC.

Check out the short film below

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