Just following a live action video introducing the story behind Metro: Last Light, THQ has revealed a new set of screenshots showing the rubble that was once Moscow.

THQ only gave a brief statement on what the screens show us. It states, “Forced into an uneasy alliance with the young Red Line office Pavel, Artyom must journey across the hostile Moscow surface in a bid to reach the station-city known as ‘The Theatre.'”

And so, with that, we know that players will need to work their way through the ruins of Moscow, likely creeping through destroyed buildings, all the while scanning with a gun and flashlight for anything lurking in the shadows. There will also be some tension back home, apparently. Will players eventually rebel against the Red Line? Also, what will we find at The Theatre, and why do we need to go there?

Check out the images below. They show us a bit of what we can expect, and capture some of the tension as players tread carefully through what has become an unwelcoming place. It’s also good to see that the game won’t be all grey rubble, and that enough time has passed since the bombs went off for some plant life to bring some color to the game.

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