Have you ever wondered what it would be like if two of your favorite games were to collide in an ultra-explosive fury of awesomeness? Dream no longer, fellow comrades, for the motley crew of soldiers from ‘Team Fortress 2’ have brought even more pandemonium to the chaotic world of ‘Battlefield 3’.

[pullquote_right]Its purpose… To send an elite team of mercenaries into the future to see what video games have become[/pullquote_right]

In Machinima’s newest video, Blu & Reds Battlefield Adventure: BF3 vs TF2, the mischievous cast of TF2 constructs a portal that brings them to another realm. After completing a vigorous training evolution, the “Reds & Blus” are well prepared to travel through the portal and wreak havoc on whatever lies within.

The unfortunate soldiers of Battlefield 3 are overwhelmed with bombs and gunfire as the TF2 crew rips through the levels, leaving everything to waste. They even deploy “The Spy” to hide amongst the unsuspecting enemy forces .

Check out the video below and marvel at the chaos that is created when the two games merge!


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