As a murderous mastermind responsible for the deaths of many, Agent 47 is no amateur when it comes to killing people. In the latest trailer, 47 shows off some of his moves that range from the stealthy and fluent kills, to the all-out explosive encounters.

[pullquote_right]His kills can be intimate and painless, or they can be gruesome and violent. 47 excels either way.[/pullquote_right]

Hitman: Absolution will leave it to the player to decide how to eliminate a subject. Whether they choose to slice someone’s neck or simply blow them up, everything is possible to complete a mission.

How will you go about the game? Will you choose a stealth approach, or are you going to go in with guns blazing? Take a look at newest the trailer below and be sure to check back here at Techzwn for the next update that takes a look at Agent 47’s arsenal.

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