The Quest for Glory series is probably the closest gaming has come to merging a point & click adventure with an RPG, given it had combat, but was by all means an adventure game. But a new developer is hoping to bring this yet another step further with Kingdom of Epicland.

Randall Herman, developer of Kingdom of Epicland over at Skaldic Games, said he’ll merge these two styles by having the gameplay change with the location. “For example, the towns in the game will be point-and-click style, and exploring the wilderness/dungeons/ etc will be RPG combat style,” he said via email.

“Some quests may be completed by either taking a point-and-click approach, or by lets say going to a dungeon to retrieve an artifact,” he said.

The game pulls its inspiration Baldur’s Gate, Broken Sword, and The Longest Journey. The fantasy game takes place in the world of Epicland, where a young thief was recently granted pardon so she could track down a stolen relic for the king. But, wouldn’t you know, the relic is connected to an evil wizard’s plot to summon a bunch of ancient, evil creatures that want to destroy everything.

As the game progresses, you’ll decide the world’s fate as both the thief and the evil wizard. Along the way, you’ll collect artifacts that give you new abilities, solving puzzles, and blasting dudes with magic.

You’ll also be fighting a fine medley of high fantasy enemies, including Dark Elves, Dragons, Orcs, and others—all the while exploring the game’s small settlements and five towns, and battling through dungeons , caves, and forests.

“I believe using this approach I could satisfy players of both genres to create a unique adventure gaming experience,” Herman said. “These are both my favorite genres of games, so combining them so far has been great fun.”

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