Daniel H. Wilson author of Robopocalypse could just help you survive a robot uprising, and a new video from Epipheo Studios details some of the tips you may need.

Unlike your average zombie or or vampire apocalypse, a world’s end scenario with giant robots smashing through buildings while tiny ones zip around with buzz saw arms, is technically possible. We’re already seeing consumer robots, autonomous cars, robot pets, and even, well, killer robots flying overhead in warzones.

The folks over at DARPA even made a friendly little bot with a chainsaw arm that lets it cut and consume materials to fuel itself.

Wilson gives a few tips to help you stay alert. “You ought to know what a robot was designed for, and if it’s doing something that’s outside the scope of what it was made to do, then you should be suspicious,” he says, adding that if you follow the pop culture warnings, also look for their eyes suddenly turning red.

But enough of me telling you. Check out the video below for some helpful tips that may just come in handy.

Via Trossen Robotics

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