If you were to mix Minecraft with Call of Duty, the game would probably look a lot like Guncraft. It’s a game where you can build anything, and anything can be destroyed in a blast of blocky goodness.

The concept for the game came out of a discussion. “We chose the FPS voxel route because our artist and former programmer were talking about how our biggest problem with Minecraft was that there was no goal. While Minecraft is a fantastic game, we are goal oriented people,” said John Getty, executive producer and lead game designer of Guncraft.

“They then took that prospect and thought it would be awesome to have guns in a Minecraft type world,” he said. “I overheard the whole conversation and thought the idea was brilliant.”

Guncraft recently closed a successful Kickstarter campaign, and the full release is set for the PC in June. It features the ability to build and destroy just about anything that we’ve all come to love in Minecraft, but adds guns, drones, tanks, attack helicopters, SAM sites, and a few other tweaks of its own.

Players can also create Prefabs—buildings the player can make using resources, and then place on the battlefield at will.

“The open possibilities of using a voxel style world really change the dynamics of the FPS. I fleshed out the idea by designing the preliminary game design doc and I was very impressed with the possibilities,” Getty said.

The ability to build and destroy, in particular, adds a whole new dimension to the typical FPS.

“For instance, in CTF mode, you can totally build a vault around your flag, with super-powerful blocks, then build watchtowers around it to scout the area for incoming enemies. In deathmatch, your opponent could be behind a wall to a building where the entrance is on the other side of it,” Getty said.

“In a regular FPS, you’d have to go all the way around and come at them from the front, being in their line of sight. In Guncraft, you blow a giant hole in the wall and surprise attack them from behind. Nowhere is safe,” he said.

“There is a ton of new possibilities that open construction/destruction allows in a FPS and we plan on taking advantage of every last ounce of that possibility.”

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