Finally, the long awaited DLC for ‘The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ has been showcased in the first trailer. “Dawnguard”, as it is called, gives players the option to either fight for the vampires, or join forces with their nemesis, Dawnguard.

The trailer reveals a bit of exciting new features that will be included in the DLC. Most noticeably is the ability to transform into a demonic-winged figure that can hover and move at very high speeds. This may work out similar to the werewolf infection in the game where players can transform into the beast at specific moments to unleash a fury of beastly rage. Undead horses set ablaze with a mysterious blue fire, new weapons, and also new locations are also amongst the features that will be brought with the release of the downloadable content.

[pullquote_right]The Scrolls will be mine, and the tyranny of the sun shall end![/pullquote_right]

As of now, the Dawnguard DLC is only slated for release this summer on the XBOX360 for 1,600 Microsoft Points via XBLA. The PS3 and PC versions have yet to be announced, if they will be at all.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.


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