I remember when Bushido Blade came out, all those years ago. The game from Squaresoft (yes, it was before they merged with Enix) had players take the roles of various samurai and let them run from level to level, slashing, blocking, and dodging attacks in epic sword fights. One well-placed strike could end the battle, or you could have your opponent limping around with both their legs and one arm disabled like some samurai-style Black Knight.

Of course, most battles never lived up to what you hoped for. They’d often be over in the first minute, and the fact that levels interconnected didn’t mean much, since you’d usually just go at it wherever the match started. Not saying I didn’t like Bushido Blade—it was awesome—but it could have been so much more.

But there’s now a new sword fighting game in town, Blade Symphony, and it looks promising. The game has a neo-Tokyo cyberpunk feel about it, but it’s set in a different universe. You play a either a cyber-ninja Hokuten Assassins, one of the fabled Black Rose knights, or as the shinobi and ronin Vagrants.

After their successful Kickstarter campaign came to a close on Aug. 28, the developers have released a few videos showing where the game is at. So with that said, check out the videos below, and keep an eye out for this one.

Blade Symphony Kickstarter! – Indie DB

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