Bethesda just announced Dawnguard, the first DLC for Skyrim. Details are thin so far. All we have is an image Bethesda posted to their blog (shown above), and a brief statement: “Coming this summer to Xbox 360. More details at E3.

We’ll have a team at E3 in June, so we’ll keep you updated on what this will include. There are a few possibilities here. The Xbox-only launch is interesting. It either means they’re going to work more deeply with the Kinect, or (more likely) Xbox 360 users will get it first, but it will gradually come to other platforms.

Some small details have been revealed about the DLC, detailed on the Bethesda forums. One of the users, Raestloz, dug up the information by digging into the Path 1.5.26 update files, and apparently Bethesda has some file names in there about what to expect.

First up is Snow Elves. This will likely be a whole civilization, given the files are for a Snow Elf Prince. He can also shoot fireballs, apparently. Next are new animations for Vampires feeding—from both the front and the back. There are also plenty of details about crossbows—mainly the different animations for when the player is holding one.

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