Need a little something to get that brain working? Enjoy showing off all that college education to your old high school friends on Facebook? Word fetish?

Good news! You don’t need letter tiles and a game board anymore! Welcome to Zynga’s Words with friends.


Its scrabble… online. You make words, you get points. I’m afraid there’s nothing too technical here.

As a bonus for our more reclusive readers, you don’t have to actually be around people to play. But you can drum up a game with friends or invite a random stranger. While the latter might scream “stranger danger” to some, have no fear, you can doctor your account so the opponent doesn’t get your full name. Also, you can invite someone to play via mobile phone as long as they download the app. On that note, the App is free and available for the Android and iOS. An open invite post to your Facebook wall can get a ton of games going. Everyone seems to be playing and most are reluctant to turn down the challenge.

Multiple games can be played at once and you don’t have to sit through an entire game at a time. Most of my games take days. But beware, if you are idle too long or are too dumbfounded to make a new move you will be automatically resigned. Don’t freak out just yet, for this to happen, it takes up to 3 days for random games and 10 days for player-created games with your friends.

There are over 173,000 words to use in the battle and they are always adding more. Have a word to suggest? Submit it here. Each word is checked against the game’s dictionary, so no need to pull out the giant hardbound to check. You know, a hardbound book? No, not on the computer. See, back in the olden days… well, nevermind.

No, I’m not the artist formally known as Prince.

Just yesterday my mom played the word Jabot and effectively dashed all my hopes of winning. I called Shenanigans but the dictionary accepted it.  Jabot – a fall of lace or cloth attached to the front of a neckband and worn especially by men in the 18th century. Who knew? My mom apparently!

Your conquests (or lack thereof) are posted to your wall for all to see. Your words will also be listed on your site along with points.

A chat feature is also available so you can talk smack during the game.

Combining bonuses and multiple matches can destroy your opponent. You rack up 35 bonus points if you use all 7 tiles on your rack in a single turn.And when you win, you get the points from the tiles in your opponents rack added to your final score.


Game board. No frills. No fun animations. Nada. You can change the background that you play on but I find it a bit distracting.


The letter tiles make a popping sound when you place them. I sort of like it. I feel like I’ve accomplished something whenever I end my turn and the new letters pop onto my screen. No music. Thank you.


Plenty of word cheats out there… not that I would use any of those. I only found them for research. Really!? Point is, people can cheat. Personally, I try to stick to the “if I don’t know what it means I won’t use it rule.” And no I don’t always lose!

Another concern is people adding an “S” at the end of MY WORDS! That’s cheating! And it concerns me…


Must resist!

For purchase with real dough, are some apps that tell you which letters are left, a “word power” meter and a few backgrounds. This stuff should be free, frankly. They seem to be grasping to charge for something.

Biggest beef? Almost $5 to turn off ads. I admit I have a shoe fetish. And while I love to gaze at that $600 pair of Jimmy Choo’s online, I find it unusually cruel for the ad spies to post my weakness at the end of every move. You have to stare at an ad for a 10 count after every turn.



While there’s something nostalgic about opening my Aunt Elaine’s old scrabble game, being able to play it online is genius. I always seemed to find an E tile in my shoe the next day. mmmm…

No spamming or begging for anything except a challenge and only then if you don’t want to play with a stranger. All you need to do is use your noggin to bust out words.

You can play this old word game anywhere with no need for a dictionary, a game board or 100 little tiles. You can play it on your iPhone or iPad too. Nifty.

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Amy Gardiner lends her talents to content editing. She has also agreed to play all those silly Facebook games for us, and we are equally amazed and awed by her resilience to do so. She suffers from a slight point-and-click video game addiction and is always looking for a new fix.

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